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What is Luxia?

Combination of two words: LUX + ASIA = LUXIA

Luxury products from Asia (Korea)!

Since 2016, when our company joined the global K-Beauty trend, we have been doing our best to make Korean cosmetic products more recognizable and accessible to people from all over the world.

Why Luxia?

Only 100% genuine products

With the growing popularity of Korean cosmetics in the world, counterfeit products of famous Korean brands began to appear. The priority for Luxia is primarily a long-term and trusting relationship with our customers, so we only supply proven products directly from manufacturers and their official time-tested distributors.

Lowest prices

The main mission of our company is to popularize Korean brands of high-quality cosmetics abroad. In this regard, we intentionally reduce our trade margin to a minimum so that Korean cosmetic products become as accessible as possible in any region of the world. Also, our large sales volumes allow us to work directly with manufacturers and their direct official distributors, which helps us to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and receive goods at the lowest prices.

Quick customer support

Our managers are always in touch and ready to answer any of your questions through various instant messengers, telephone or video communications, social networks and more. We keep our customers informed of all the latest news in the world of K-Beauty. We are always open and happy to communicate with you.

A large range of Korean cosmetics

We work with 60+ brands and 10,000+ SKUs of Korean cosmetics, which allows our customers to find all their favorite cosmetic products in one place. Our range includes cosmetics of all categories: from the mass market to the premium class, from children to the elderly.

Optimal logistic solutions

We understand that fast, low cost and safe delivery is an equally important factor for our customers when buying cosmetics. In this regard, we always look for and find the most optimal ways to deliver goods to our customers.
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