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Pyunkang Yul ACNE Spot Patch Super Thin
Description: Instead of popping and picking your blemishes, slap a pimple patch on top of it. And look no further than Pyunkang Yul Acne Spot Patch Super Thin. This acne patch rapidly ¡®shrink¡¯ blemishes and prevents the spread of acne-causing...
₩4,000 ₩3,680
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Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot
Description: A Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot is formulated with 20% natural tea tree oil and 33% organic tea tree extract. This natural oil contains Capryloyl salicylic acid used as a keratolytics for blackhead, whitehead and troubled skin. This treatment...
₩16,250 ₩14,625
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PRRETI Second Skin Patch 10g (Tube)
Description: "Slightly apply it to the affected area and remove it from the affected area." A thin layer of patches like my skin helps me effectively care for my troubled skin.How to use: 1. Spread the patch thinly over the...
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PURITO All Care Recovery Cica-Aid
Description: Gently apply the product by dabbing it on your blemishes. Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid, and Asiatic Acid have great anti-redness, soothing effect to calm and treat the inflammation quickly and effectively. It is made of a high-grade hydrocolloid that absorbs...
₩8,800 ₩7,920
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